Where Neo~Soul & Jazz Meet Spoken Word 
Vocalist, Poetess, Lyricist, Composer,Musician,Producer, Dancer/Choreographer, 
Teacher, Actress, Author
The Artist N'Tirzah (EN-TEAR-ZAH) is a classically trained pianist and vocalist who credits musical giants and influencers such as Bach, Beethoven, Rachelle Ferrell, Nina Simone, Roberta Flack and Patrice Rushen for informing her sound.  The resultant musical fusion of Neo ~Soul, Jazz & Spoken Word is contained within singular acoustic and electronic productions and performance. 
N'Tirzah is a fluid performer ; within her expertise as a vocalist/pianist/keyboardist, she has served as an invaluable contributor to her roles as a musical director and band member for all genres.  
As a "Poetess Of The Sacred & The Ceremonial", N'Tirzah is a Creative Activist that inspires and channels healing, encouragement and teaching by utilizing the mediums of song, dance, videography, poetry, and other media.
​Her latest single, "A Nu Day", released on July 7th, 2020, originally written as a testimonial to  overcoming personal tumult, has been transformed into an anthem for those of us who have, for over four centuries, awaited a justice denied us simply because of the hue(s) of our skin. 
A Nu Day is available on iTunes/Apple Music, along with two other previously released singles.

In addition to her single releases, N'Tirzah's YouTube channel showcases two official video releases.

Her eponymous album, "N'Tirzah" is scheduled for release in 2021.

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